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My art is about exploring color, shape & texture.  I use more than one medium separately and in combination with other media. 


Fused glass has taught me patience and given me great pleasure.  I combine and transform both clear and vibrantly colored glass into abstract and functional designs. By varying the number of firings and the firing order of full fusing, tack fusing and slumping, I create a wide array of smooth and textured tokens, ornaments, trinket trays, coasters, tiles, small dishes, plates and platters.


When making my handmade paper, usually from a combination of abaca and cotton fibers, I incorporate among other things natural additives such as golden grass, corn husks, bamboo leaves and seeds. The many possible combinations produce endless variations of white and earth tone paper with smooth and textured surfaces.  To add color fibers are infused with colored pigments separately.  I also customize the moulds that shape the paper with stencils and templates to form various paper sizes and shapes such as hearts, cards, envelopes and boxes.


Putting the fused glass and handmade paper together in a single art piece has captivated my interest.  I have been developing my own fused glass style and handmade paper techniques making boxes with colorful fused glass inserts and with a goal of constructing books with unique glass covers. 


My studio at the Jingletown Art Studios has many examples of my finished work and work in progress in glass, paper and other media. 


To see the full collection visit my shop.